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• Focuses on Founder’s Vision for their Group or Practice
• Develops the Foundations for Rapid Growth
• Installs the Core Competencies of Group Practice

Consulting for Emerging Dental Groups

Ballingarry was founded specifically to assist emerging groups navigate the growth process. The Growth of any Emerging Group experiences predictable obstacles. Dr. McCoy built his emerging group from zero practices to 43 over a 10-year span of time. Dr. McCoy founded Ballingarry with emerging groups in mind. He experienced all the obstacles along the way.

Ballingarry Consulting performs an Emerging Group assessment at the beginning of every Consulting Project. Using that assessment, the stated goals of the founder or operator along with the experiences Dr. McCoy has from building his own emerging group, The Client will receive an executable plan to grow the revenue, profits and value of the group.

After the project is Complete, Clients can expect improved performance from their group, a roadmap to reaching their stated goals and most importantly, a calmed and manageable lifestyle while building their Company.


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Dr. McCoy practiced dentistry from 1991-2008. He built 2 practices from scratch before leaving private practice to found AppleWhite Dental Partners. From 2008-2019, Dr. McCoy acquired, integrated and managed over 40 individual dental practices. During that time, his efforts focused on maintaining the culture acquired, developing organic growth plans that fit each practice individually and executed over 30 successful transitions from the seller to the successor doctor.

Succession Planning and Execution

Whether the Client is the Founder or Operator of an Emerging Group or the owner and operator of a solo dental practice, there comes a time when succession planning is required.  Too often owners allow the whims of the market or potential buyers to take control of the process.

Clients with Ballingarry undergo a detailed strategic planning process to memorialize the true goals of the owner/operator.  Once the goals are outlined, strategies and tactics are developed which are truly executable.

The Succession of ownership is a key step in finalizing any lifetime.


Determining missions and goals


Formulating the strategy


Implementing the strategy

Growth and Growth Management for Every Practice Style

If an emerging group or dental practice is not growing, it is shrinking.  Organic Growth can be as predictable as delivering dentistry as long as the fundamentals of Organic Growth are followed, and the tactics implemented are properly targeted to the needed areas.

Predictable Growth Plans for any Group or Practice is dependent on an accurate assessment of where the group and/or practice sits on the Cycle of Growth™.  Once the group and/or practice is properly assessed, executable tactics and plans are implemented to move the group or practice along the growth cycle.

A growing Group or Dental practice has its own obstacles.  But the obstacles faced when your Group or Practice is growing are far more pleasant than the obstacles faced when your group or practice is failing.

Feedback from our valued customers

What our clients say about us

"When Ed and I decided to become owners of the dental office we were working at, having Dr. McCoy as our consultant was invaluable. Dr. McCoy’s knowledge of the purchasing process and close relationship with vendors made the transition extremely smooth. Dr. McCoy continues to be an important part of our team from his feedback on making our practice more efficient, implementing changes and introducing those changes to our team, and approaching obstacles as new business owners. We are now approaching six months as owners and I cannot imagine we could have reach where we are today without Dr. McCoy."
Jeremie Sauve
My business partner and I recently purchased an existing dental practice. Seeing a full schedule of patients while attempting to navigate all the nuances of practical and legal requirements was daunting and exhausting. Dr. McCoy’s experience and expertise in this realm was very quickly evident. His thoroughness and forethought, and his calmness and frequent updates were invaluable to our entire team as we moved through the process. We realized early on that he had quite a bit of practice and knowledge in this arena. Doing this on our own would have been like the proverbial “drinking from a firehose.” His meticulous step by step approach was welcomed and needed. We place a high value on the peace of mind we were afforded from Dr. McCoy’s insights and guidance. The level of competency he conveyed allowed us to devote our time to the practice without stressing about what to do next and how to do it. For that, we are grateful and happy with our success.
Edwin T. Batchelor DDS, FAGD
Business Partner