About me and my history

Dr. McCoy

Dr. McCoy practiced dentistry from 1991-2008. He built 2 practices from scratch before leaving private practice to found AppleWhite Dental Partners. From 2008-2019, Dr. McCoy acquired, integrated and managed over 40 individual dental practices. During that time, his efforts focused on maintaining the culture acquired, developing organic growth plans that fit each practice individually and executed over 30 successful transitions from the seller to the successor doctor.

After selling AppleWhite Dental Partners to CorDental Group in 2019, Dr. McCoy worked with CorDental Group to transition the company to new leadership. In 2021, Dr. McCoy determined that he would pursue opportunities involving consulting dental clinics relating to improving operational efficiency, financial efficacy and creating pathways for exits. He is using the experience he garnered as an owner of several dental clinics and acquisition and operational experience while with AppleWhite and private equity groups to consult with Practice Owners and Small Group-Practice owners to Increase Value, Increase Profits and Productivity, Maintain Culture, Improve Lifestyles and execute on Strategic Plans.

Founders interested in developing their own groups need to develop core competencies in the areas of Acquisitions/De Novo Starts, Integrations, Recruiting and Organic Growth. In developing the Core Competencies for AppleWhite, Dr. McCoy developed Workflows specific to each.

These workflows allowed each practice associated with the group to be handled individually and receive the specific attention it needed. Thus, avoiding the trap that many DSOs fall into whereby they treat each practice the same as every other practice. In doing so they fail to solve the specific issues each location has based on their specific personnel and practice dynamics.

The development of the workflows within the core competencies allowed Dr. McCoy to, not only consult with Emerging Dental Groups, but also with individual practice owners. The workflows developed within the company apply to solo practitioners, multi-doctor practices and specialty practices.

At Ballingarry Consulting, we work with each client to diagnose the specific issues they are presently facing while using their stated vision and goals to develop strategy and tactics that produce executable programs and realized results.

In 2019, Dr. McCoy sold AppleWhite Dental Partners. After working with the buyers of AppleWhite for a short transition period, Dr. McCoy founded a new company, Ballingarry Consulting. The vision for Ballingarry Consulting is to use the vast experiences to assist other dental owners and operators in setting and meeting their intended goals.

Ballingarry Consulting was established in 2020. The Vision of the Consulting Company is to individualize the strategy and tactics to the client.

Where does the name Ballingarry originate?

Dr. McCoy is a proud Irish American. He also knows he is standing on the shoulders of those who came before him. Dr. McCoy’s ancestors came from County Limerick and County Monaghan in The Republic of Ireland.

After some research into his genealogy, Dr. McCoy discovered the McCoy family, specifically, emigrated from Ballingarry in County Limerick in the time of the Great Famine. Though we can’t know if the decision was easy or hard for that McCoy, we do know that decision changed the course of history for the McCoy family.

It is with respect for that ancestor’s decision to make a new life in the new world that we honor our origins—the village of Ballingarry in Ireland.

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