I’ve had the opportunity of working with Dr. Thomas McCoy first as an employee and now as my consult through Ballingarry Consulting. As a new dentist that had just started her first job working at his company, I had the opportunity to grow my clinical skill set under his guidance. I got to see first-hand his approach to handling patient cases, practice management, and so much more. Later on, I had the opportunity to become a dental practice owner and have Dr. McCoy be my consultant. Whatever hesitancies I initially had about taking on this big responsibility vanished instantly after conversing with him.

Since purchasing the practice, having Dr. McCoy as my consultant has been both the easiest and best decision I’ve made. Through every obstacle that has come with this new role, Dr. McCoy has navigated me through it with confidence and grace. His advice and recommendations are a true reflection of his breadth of knowledge that comes only with many years of skilled experience.

Since working with him, I have been able to increase my practice production every month through his guidance. During our weekly phone call meetings and monthly office staff meetings he is able to identify key areas that need attention. Not only does he have an eye for targeting areas that could use improvement, but he also knows what exactly is required to help make that growth happen. After sharing his plan of action on how to implement that change, he makes it a point to follow up regularly to ensure that positive change occurs. Our number of monthly new patients has increased, we are meeting our monthly production goal with more ease, and staff efficiency in achieving Perfect Day Scheduling has significantly improved.

In a time of great uncertainty during the middle of this pandemic, Dr. McCoy helped me feel comfortable, motivated, and excited to own and run my own practice. There is so much learning that needed to be done in a short amount of time when I took on the role of practice owner. Dr. McCoy helped me hit the ground running by creating checklists, spreadsheets, and sharing his wide network of recommendations. He recommended my current accountant, business bank, dental software company, and dental tech support group. Additionally, he oversaw all the finer details that ensured I met all legal standards that can be easily overlooked. The best part is that he always makes time to explain what he’s taken care of and how it was done, so that I have a greater understanding of the business aspect of dentistry. He never makes any decision without running it by me first and is supportive if I decide to head another direction.

Dr. McCoy is not only my consultant, but also a skilled dentist and mentor. I feel comfortable discussing a wide variety of matters with him. Whether it’s navigating me through a difficult but necessary conversation, walking through the steps of a full mouth reconstruction case, or explaining the same concept in a different way for the fifth time, he does it all. I cannot recommend him enough for all dental consulting needs.